Hi, I am Dam

Web Designer &

Front-end Developer

I design and code beautiful websites for clients around the world. Feel free to roam around, and if you need a powerful website for yourself or your business, shoot me an email.


Tony Snufkin

Photography portfolio website created for artist Tony Snufkin. The website is built from scratch. The main idea was to keep it minimalistic, with a clean content structure and simple interactions, so visitors can pay full attention to the art.

Photography Portfolio Website

Mobile App

Wantis App

This is a shopping application design for the concept project Wantis. The whole process involved: sketching UX flows, sitemaps, wireframing, prototyping, and designing a logo.

Wantis Shopping App
Wantis Shopping App

Web App

NASA - Space

This is a web app using NASA's API that shows an astronomic picture of the day with an article. Save in Local Storage is built inside the website, so you can save your favorites photos and articles. If you want to see similar JavaScript projects, check out my GitHub.

Nasa APOD project


Unite App

This is a full website made for a concept team collaboration platform. It includes a well-designed website and beautiful blog. The website and the blog were built in Webflow, which has amazing and simple CMS for blog hosting.

Unite platform website

I am specialised in


It can be a logo, a website, or a mobile app. In design, I value simple content structure with a minimalistic touch and thoughtful interactions. My clients always receive products with an amazing user experience.


Thanks to my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I can code things from scratch and bring your website to life. Websites are fully responsive and interactive with a clean semantic code. I can also create products using website builders like Webflow.

Visual Art

Years of experience in the photography industry have trained my eye for detail. With knowledge of Adobe programs and other tools like Figma, I can create art that will make your website look outstanding.